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Tea production down by 2.8% in February

 Kolkata, March 31: India’s estimated tea production in February 2018 stood at 13.20 million kg, down by 2.8 per cent from 13.59 million kgs produced in the same month last year, according to Tea Board India data. According to estimated production data, the margil fall in absolute term during February was mainly due to drop in the crop production in north India – which is actually east and northeast India. In north India, Assam’s production for the month was stagnt at 0.46 million kg as compared to 0.37 million kg produced in the corresponding month of 2017 while West Bengal’s production for the month stood at 1.24 million kg, down by 23 per cent from 1.62 million kg produced in the same month of 2017.(IANS)