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The Fastest Way to Clean Your Bathroom

One of the busiest spots in your house, the bathroom is also the place almost every guest visits. These tricks will get the room looking freshly scrubbed in 15 minutes or less.

* Grab a bag.
To start, hang a plastic grocery bag on the doorknob as a quick way to gather trash – the easiest way to instantly tidy any room.

* First, flush.
Next, grab some bleach. Pour a cup into the bowl, and brush around the sides and under the rim. Let sit for five minutes.

* Shine up.
Fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and white vinegar. Spritz the solution onto paper towels or a microfiber cloth, and wipe away soap drips and toothpaste spatters on faucets, mirrors, countertops, and in the sink.

* Collect dirt.
Flush the bleach that’s been sitting in the bowl, toss the wipe into your doorknob bag, and move on.

* Try this towel trick.
Don’t worry if you’re drying used bath towels – just put out fresh hand towels. They’re the only ones short-term guests use anyway.
So make use of these hacks and get your bathroom to shine. To read all about it check out the article at: