The pathetic quality of school education in Assam

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Recently   published reports  that the quality of education in the  government run primary, middle  and high schools in  Assam is extremely poor  is certainly a cause of concern. It is now high time to examine the  reasons   of poor quality of school education in Assam  and to find     remedial measures. For a student, proper learning in school stage is a  must as it shapes his/her future career.

What is noticed in the government run primary and high schools in Assam  is thatthe schools have very poor infra structure like inexperienced teachers, poor classrooms, no teaching accessories like blackboards, library with a reading room, no toilets and no drinking water facilities. Particularly, majority of teachers in primary and high schools are  incompetent for teaching  in proper  way. Even teachers that are  competent  to teach, are  never  sincere  in their  teaching works. Ultimately, the students are deprived of getting proper learning in primary and high school stages.Many parents are uneducated and so they are not capable of evaluating whether their kids are learning anything in school. Most of the kids coming in from poorly educated households do not have the atmosphere at home to aid learning. There are no books. There is no money to pay for extra coaching, even if a kid is a slow learner and needs that support. Hence, all responsibilities to make the primary and high school students expert in reading, writing and solving arithmetic fall upon the teachers. So, the State government  should  appoint teachers’ training  degree holder persons as  school teachers.  On the  part of teachers, they  should be sincere in teaching the students  in order that  every student becomes capable of  solving arithmetic problems and  framing English sentences in the school stage.  Further, the State government must equip schools with all educatiol infrastructure facilities.

Maheswar Deka,