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The State Home Department Instructs DCs and SPs to prevent frequent thefts

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GUWAHATI: The State Home Department has dispatched letters to deputy commissioners, superintendents of police and Guwahati Police Commissioner asking them to initiate a slew of special measures on a war footing to prevent frequent incidences of thefts at religious institutions and places of worship. An official communiqué issued on Thursday evening stated that DCs and SPs have been asked to submit detailed lists of religious institutions and places of worship in their respective districts to the Home department. The lists must mention police stations and revenue circles under whose jurisdiction the religious institutions and places of worship fall.

The Home department has asked the DCs and SPs to organize meetings at the revenue circles stages to initiate security measures for the religious places. Officials in the rank of additional DCs and additional SPs must be present in these meetings.

The religious institutions which do not have management committees must immediately constitute such committees with the help of nearby residents to take up security measures. These committees must arrange night security at religious places in cooperation with nearby police stations. Village Defence Party in rural areas could be alerted and CCTVs must be installed to ensure security at religious places, says the Home department letter.


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