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Three Foreign Nationals Including An Indian Kidnapped and Killed in Kabul

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Terrorists in Kabul kidnapped and killed three foreign nationals including an Indian who were working for an international food firm named Sodexo in Kabul on Thursday.

A spokesman for Kabul’s police chief said, “An Indian, a Malaysian and a Macedonian citizen were abducted and killed. We have found their bodies.”

The bodies of the abducted were later found in Mussahi district of Kabul province. The identity cards of the killed foreigners are recovered from next to the bodies by the security officials. Indulgence of the terrorists in the incident have been confirmed by the police although no group has claimed responsibility for the incident.

Investigators further informed that the trio were taken from their Toyota Corolla car on their way to the airport. to be precise, the victims were abducted near Pul-e-Charkhi on the eastern outskirts of Kabul. They adds, “They were shot dead and their bodies were found inside a car.”

The Malaysian national is said to be 64, the Indian 39, and the Macedonian was 37 years old.

With this latest issue of abducting and killing foreign nationals in the Afghanistan capital, the security issue of the expatriates have once again become a matter of concern. As Sodexo is world’s second largest food and catering services company, it has many foreign nationals working under it and this alarming situation has brought a threat to their lives as well. Kidnapping by militants or criminals is on a rise in Afghanistan in the recent years. However, not only the foreigners but the locals are also being targeted by the militants. The Afghan government is trying to bring situations under control and in the meantime, the ministry will be issuing a statement soon.

Sodexo also maintains canteens and facilities for offices, schools, hospitals, prisons and the military with its clients ranging from the Royal Ascot Racecourse to US Marine Corps.