Three gas pipeline blasts

A Correspondent

JOYSAGAR, July 14: Three incidents of gas pipeline blasts in Nazira, Lakwa and Maibela created sensation on Friday night.

A gas pipeline blast was reported near Nazira town on Friday evening. This gas pipeline belonged to the Assam Gas Company Limited. Through this pipeline, domestic LPG piped gas was distributed to the households of consumers in Nazira town. Due to the blast in the pipeline, fire broke out immediately and fire tenders of Nazira and Mezanga were called in to douse the fire.

On Friday night, another blast in ONGC pipeline took place in the Rangagarh area under Lakwa oil field-GGS-I. Jugal Baruah’s house was also destroyed in the fire that broke out after the pipeline blast. ONGC fire tenders finally managed to extinguish the fire.

Another conjugative pipeline line was reported in the Maibela hydro-electric project area. Due to the ONGC pipeline blast, crude oil as well as natural gas began to leak but due to prior safety measures, no fire broke out and no injury was reported. Assam Gas Company as well as ONGC authorities have separately announced probe into the blast incidents.