Trendy Watches for Women Under 500

Watches under 500
Watches under 500

Women and fashion both are inseparable, be it clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics, and other necessary accessories. But what actually completes the looks is, a stylish watch accessorized with the outfit.

Watches are the most important accessories one can put on. If you put a watch everyday then it’s worth investing for, it not only shows us the time we need to follow but it also complements our look. Watches are not only important for following the time but are also an exquisite form of fashion.

Watches can range up to a very high rate and sometimes it can be also available at an affordable price. Whatever the price may be, it is a proven fact that no one can live without it. People might not carry other accessories but one cannot avoid having a watch. So, here are some of the trendy watches for women that are not only stylish but are also affordable at a low price.

1)Talgo Analogue Women’s Watch

This wonderful watch has a crystal glass with a versatile colour which is black and can be accessorized with any outfit. It has a classic black leather strap which is also fashionable.

2)Fogg Analog Women’s Watch

It is yet another stylish watch which easily complements our accessorize part. It has a watch movement type of Quartz and its watch display type is Analog.

3)Geneva Platinum

These are quite stylish and bright in their appearance and can be worn with any outfit. They carry an unusual grace and elegance which even highlights the looks.

4)Epoch Analog Women’s Watch

This classic piece is a premium watch with a stainless steel material, and an original battery and has a life of 3-4 years.

5)Swisstone Analog Women’s Watch

These are one of the most stylish watches and also have a versatile color that is black and silver. They also have a stainless steel chain which is another amazing feature.