Tripura makes ambitious tourism plans to develop the Neermahal Palace, Rura Sagar Lake and others

Neermahal Palace
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A Correspondent

Agartala: Tripura BJP secretary and party candidate for West Tripura Lok Sabha constituency Pratima Bhoumik said the State Government is making elaborate plans to develop the Neermahal Palace, Rura Sagar Lake and its adjoining areas as a model tourist spot. She said this while addressing the annual general meeting of the Rudra Sagar Matsajibi Samity at Melaghar. Over two thousand members of the samity were present in the meeting.

She said that the State Government has decided to develop various places of the State to attract tourists and the lone water palace in the whole of Northeast will be the center of tourist attraction. She said the government is planning to create 50 tourist resorts around this lake.

It may be mentioned that several cases are pending before the court over the ownership of the lake and palace, fishermen’s right on the lake and the lake is a declared Ramsar convention site.

Referring to these cases, she said the law will take its own course and expressed hope that everything will be solved soon.

It may be recalled that the Tripura High Court has recently passed an order directing the State Government to maintain a certain level of water in this Ramsar site that caused resentment among the local fisherman.

During the dry season, when the water level comes down, the local fisherman used to cultivate the land along the banks. After the High Court order, if the water level is maintained throughout the year, the fishermen will be deprived of this facility. The State Government has said they will implement the High Court order and urged the fishermen to make alternate arrangements for their livelihood.


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