‘Trump Baby’ balloon takes flight

London, July 13: A giant balloon depicting US President Donald Trump as a baby took flight over the British Parliament on Friday, kicking off widespread protests against his visit to the UK. The 20-foot-tall, orange-coloured blimp of Trump features “small hands, a tiny mobile phone and a giant diaper,” according to the blimp organizers, CNN reported. The balloon was released near the Houses of Parliament, where “Stop Trump” protesters were marching. Trump arrived in Britain on Thursday, hours after shrugging off the planned rallies to take place across the country, claiming that he was, in fact, “very popular among Britons”. Blimp organizer Leo Murray told CNN that the balloon had been designed to speak to Trump “in a language that he understands, which is personal insults”.

Trump’s schedule was carefully organised to avoid planned demonstrations. Asked in Brussels if he was concerned about the protests during his UK visit, he said: “I think they like me in the UK,” and said the British people shared his concerns on immigration, claiming “that’s why Brexit happened”.

The request to fly the blimp was approved by London Mayor Sadiq Khan earlier this month. Khan, who has had a testy Twitter relationship with Trump, gave the unusual request the go-ahead after over 10,000 people signed a petition. (IANS)