Trump tweet may doom House Republicans’ effort on immigration

Washington, June 23: US President Donald Trump may have doomed the chances for a House Republican immigration bill after urging party lawmakers to abandon the compromise effort they have been working on for weeks, the media reported. The legislation was already on life support, with party leaders deciding on Thursday to postpone a vote to the following day as they struggled to garner enough support for the measure, reports The Hill magazine. But Trump likely put the nail in the coffin, telling Republicans on Friday they should “stop wasting their time” on the divisive issue.
Earlier in the week, Trump personally rallied members to support the immigration legislation – the product of weeks of delicate negotiations between centrists and conservatives – and told Republican lawmakers he was with them “1,000 per cent”. Trump’s tweet caused an upheaval amongst members of his party, reports The Hill. Republican leaders, however, say they are still aiming for a vote next week, with negotiations planned for this weekend. They also downplayed the potential impact of Trump’s tweet. The House on Thursday rejected a more hard-line immigration measure sponsored by Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte in a 193-231 vote. Meanwhile, some hard-line conservatives who are opposed to the compromise measure were cheering Trump’s tweet on Friday, a sign of the impact they think it will have. (IANS)