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Try ‘BODMAS’ Method To Solve This



New Delhi: If you are baffled by a viral mathematical equation that has taken the social media platforms by storm, you do not actually need to go too far but to check it with your Maths teacher at school.

The debate started on Twitter after a science enthusiast KJ Cheetham posted a Maths equation — 230-220×0.5 and declared “5!” as its answer.

“A Maths meme that is actually funny rather than stupid. Solve carefully! You probably won’t believe it but the answer is ‘5!,” Cheetham tweeted.

Netizans were left scratching their heads but do you know the actual answer? The puzzle is not so difficult to solve and the answer is, indeed, “120” and not “5”.

If you look closely, Cheetham has written the answer as ‘5!’. Here, the exclamation mark denotes the factorial of 5 as a number. It means 5 X 4 X 3 X 2 X 1 = 120, which is the correct answer, hidden in his question itself!  (IANS)


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