Twitter to put live news events in your timeline, notifications

San Francisco, June 14: Twitter has announced that it will put more live news events in your timeline and notifications and might also send users customised push notification if an event is happening that they may be interested in. Twitter is now experimenting with topic tabs in its “Explore” tab so that it will be easier to see what’s happening in news and entertainment and what’s most relevant to you. “Starting today, at the top of search results, you’ll see related news, events, or stories and be able to tap in to get a recap and see the latest discussion, videos or scores,” it added. At the top of your timeline, users will now see the news that’s relevant to them along with the surrounding tweets and videos. The new features will be available in the coming months to everyone in the US on iOS and Android. You can always turn off these notifications by going to your recommendations settings and toggling to not see the news. (IANS)