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Uble to induce terror in Assam, ULFA(I) decides to import terror

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  31 May 2017 12:00 AM GMT


While many statesmen in the country think of attracting new foreign investments into their State, Paresh Baruah still thinks of malafide ways of derailing development. The recent investment made by him is on assorted Manipuri and ga insurgent groups med Coordition Committee (CORCOM) for uninterrupted terror activities in Assam, as a symbiotic articulation for churning terror.

Terrorizing people as per Paresh Baruah’s thinking will lead to exercising his control over development in Assam. At a time when insurgency across the Northeast is showing a declining trend with surrenders and desertions of once hardcore militants, the millioire chairman of ULFA (I) with fake assumption of mass backing from his people, has brought in his new product of terror, despite people openly rallying against him.

When one turns back the pages of history, be it the great Ahom kings or its Assamese people, they have always suffered at the hands of outsiders, particularly from Myanmar. History books hold these marauding tribes accountable for the fall of great Ahom kings who brought prosperity to Assam. History has a tendency of repeating itself unless lessons are learnt from it. The ULFA chairman, a local hero gone rogue, is adamant of importing terror for his own gains into Assam once again, three centuries later.

Very rarely in history, a son of the soil voluntarily puts his own people in peril. The entire band of these outfits formed by this unholy alliance has no locus standi in Assam or with its people.

Social experts claim rising disillusionment and disbelief amongst ULFA (I) cadres has made Paresh Baruah desperate to do something to remain relevant in fast developing Assam. The easiest way is to import terrorism in the me of CORCOM by providing premium amount to these NSCN (K) and Manipuri cadres who incidentally have nothing against the local populace of Assam.

In a matter of time, the entire outfit will become extinct by various operations of the security forces; the only benefactor of this insurgency will remain Paresh Baruah alone, who has made huge wealth out of people’s misery and through importing violence, said Anop Saikia, a student leader from mrup.

The increasing disenchantment within the rank and file of ULFA (I) is clearly visible, says human rights observers. “They are keen to join the mainstream of tiolism, give up arms due to the futility and no ideology in the cause. Everyone in the State is looking up to prosperity, peace and development. The present government has initiated a number of initiatives in this regard,”, said a professor from Tezpur Central University.

With the ground below ULFA (I) shrinking, its chairman possibly resting in a 5-star resort in Kunming in Chi is making a last ditch effort only to be beaten back by the security forces and the people of Assam in every corner of the State. Be it elections or celebrating the republic, people have overwhelmingly endorsed the benefit of staying within the Union.

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