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Uncertainty returns over repatriation of Reang refugees

From A Correspondent

Agartala, Feb 9 : Uncertainty is looming large again over the repatriation of over 30 thousand Reang refugees who came from Mizoram 20 years ago and stayed in six refugee camps in north Tripura district. The uncertainty returned with the submission of a new set of demand by the refugee leaders that include allotment of five hector of land and one government job to each family. The date line for beginning of return of the refugees was set to February 15 in a tripartite meeting held earlier. Representatives of the Centre, the Mizoram government and the refugees attended the meeting. A local official said that the demand raised by the refugee leaders is unrealistic as no government can meet such a demand. A recent stand taken by the Mizoram government has further complicated the matter.

The Mizoram government has recently decided to make a revise estimate of expenditure to be incurred for implementing the repatriation process. They said it became necessary in view of increase in prices of commodities.

The Reang leaders also expressed concern over adequate security of the refugees after repatriation which the Mizoram government has declined. Officer-in-charge of the Karte Hailo police station in Mamith district of Mizoram recently told a reporter that there is no threat of security as still a good number of Reangs are residing in the district.