Unidentified disease alarms people in Bandarmari Gaon

From a Correspondent
DEMOW, June 27: Under Demow Primary Health Centre and hat Deodubi Health Sub- Centre, in Bhuyan Line of Bandarmari Gaon, an unidentified disease has caused concern among the people. Since more than a month, the tea tribe people who are staying in the Bhuyan Line of Bandarmari Gaon, have been suffering from an unidentified disease. According to sources, the people who are staying in Bhuyan Line have developed boils and complain of itching in various parts of their body. Sources added that lack of health awareness and an unhygienic environment in the area might have led to this problem.  The people alleged that the Demow Health Centre staff have not visited the area and also not provided any kind of health facilities. The affected people have undergone medical treatment for the disease but they do not seem to have been cured, said sources.