United Airlines pilot removed after ranting about Trump

Washington, Feb 13: A United Airlines pilot was removed from a San Francisco-bound flight after she gave a long, bizarre speech about US President Dold Trump and her divorce, the media reported. The pilot boarded the Saturday afternoon flight at Austin-Bergstrom Intertiol Airport a bit late – wearing a ball cap and casual clothes, The Washington Post reported.

Straight away, she appeared to get into an argument with crew members at the front of the plane. From his seat near the back, passenger Chris Moore figured at first that she was just another San Francisco-bound flier. “I thought she was a first-class passenger, complaining,” he told The Washington Post. “Then she grabs the mic”. Passenger Randy Reiss tweeted, she “asked if we were ok with her flying like that… then said ‘sorry I’m going through divorce’,” CBS News reported

She then used the plane’s overhead public address system to rant about President Trump and former presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton – calling them both “a-holes” and then ranting about her divorce which led to passengers tweeting to United to get a new pilot.

About 20 passengers said they did not feel safe with her in the cockpit and got off the plane.

United Airlines spokesman Charlie Hobart said he did not know why the pilot was allowed on the plane in plain clothes. He said the company will discuss the incident with the pilot. (IANS)