Upadhyaya Thanks ULFA (I) After Release

A file photo of ULFA (I) chief Paresh Baruah (centre), flanked by his cadres.

52-year-old Dinanath Upadhyaya, who was abducted by ULFA (I) militants from Jagun in Tinsukia district on June 8, after arriving at his home on Tuesday, thanked the organization’s chief Paresh Baruah for his release.

He also expressed his gratitude to Paresh Baruah for providing treatments for his ailments.

Upadhyaya, who worked as a supervisor at a tea garden in Jagun, was recovered by security forces along the Assam-Arunachal Pradesh border near Wara village, after he informed his son through a phone call about his location.

Upadhyaya added that though his ULFA (I) abductors didn’t mistreat him, but they made him walk till they reached their base in Myanmar.

A few days before his release, Upadhyaya’s family members had offered prayers to the portrait of ULFA (I) chief Paresh Baruah, requesting safe release of Upadhyaya as he was suffering from various ailments.

As per reports, the militant group demanded Rs 3.5 crore for safe release of Upadhyaya, though it is not known yet whether any money was paid for his release.