US adopting ‘hostile’ policies towards Iran: Official

Tehran, Feb 6:  A spokesman of Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Monday said that the US government has adopted “hostile and threatening” policies towards the country. “This (US policy) is not much surprising and not that important to us,” Bahram Qasemi said in his weekly press briefing. “I still think that we should be patient and not comment hastily over the new US administration’s policies,” he said, adding that “we should wait to see how they are dealing with the global issues,” Xinhua news agency reported. The US on February 3 announced sanctions on multiple entities and individuals involved in Iran’s ballistic missile programme. The move came days after Iran did a ballistic missile test, which elicited a stern warning from Washington. The US Treasury Department said in a statement that the action reflects America’s commitment to enforce sanctions on Iran with respect to its ballistic missile programme and “destabilising” activities in the region. Iran has vowed to counteract the fresh sanctions. (IANS)