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US official says US President Donald Trump likely to visit India for Republic Day

Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump looks forward to visiting India which is an “amazingly positive” trajectory in India-US relationship, a top Trump Administration official informed a news agency.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has invited Trump to become the chief guest at the Republic Day celebrations 2019.

In response to a question on when would the US president Donald Trump be able to make a visit to India Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of  South and Central Asia Region Alice Wells told PTI, “President Trump does look forward to visiting India, again to reflect on what has been an amazingly positive  trajectory in our relationship.”

When asked if Trump would come to the celebrations or would schedule his visit for another time, Wells said that the White House will look forward into the matter as  “both the domestic commitments he has here in the US as well as overseas”.

Wells mentioned the steady stream of US officials who visit India as a symbol of the close relationship between the two countries at the official level.

She, in addition, said, “As somebody who helps manage India relationship, it’s amazing the number of cabinet officials and high-level visitors that we have in India every month of the year.”

According to her that too reflects the density of the ties between our countries that she thinks they have over 40 major dialogues that take place between our government agencies and departments.

Modi has met Trump twice in 2017 the first during a bilateral visit to Washington and then once on the margins of a summit in Manila.

As military parade is the centre of attraction of the Republic Day celebrations in India and US president Donald Trump Trump has been a big fan of such parades and he wants them to be organised in the US too.

US does not have such kind of parades at the same time these parades are held annually across the world as symbols of patriotic celebrations.

At per Trump’s suggestion, a parade was scheduled for November on Veterans Day, which honours former servicemen, and this year it would coincide with the centenary of the end of World War 1.

President Trump met Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Monday as they exchanged pleasantries during a high-level event on counter-narcotics in New York in the ongoing 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly. He then said, “I love India, give my regards to my friend PM (Narendra) Modi,”