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Utpal Das keen to work in Bollywood

Assamese actor Utpal Das is harbouring a desire to work in Bollywood but only with challenging roles. “I am interested in working in Bollywood, but only with those roles which challenge my credibility as an actor. It must cater to a wide audience,” Utpal said.

Utpal, who has featured in films like ‘Dhan Kuberor Dhon’, ‘Raamdhenu’, ‘Borolar Ghor Durjon’ and ‘Konwarpurar Konwar’, feels that there are loads of really talented people in the Northeast region who are deprived of the recognition they deserve due to various reasons.

“This is quite unfortunate, but with keen interest and proper channelisation of talent, this aspect can be changed,” he added.

The actor recently got associated with Pantaloons. The fashion brand celebrated 10 years of opening its first store at DT Tower, Guwahati, by organising a 2.5 km long Bihu Subhajatra.