Vaishvite followers to converge in Udalguri town


KALAIGAON, Feb 6: The entire Udalguri town will be crowded with Vaishvite followers of Srimanta Sankardeva from February 10 to February 13 who will take part in the two central conferences of two different Vaishvite organizations – Eksran Bhagawati Samaj and Mahapurushiya Samaj – to be held at Batabari and lkhamara of the district respectively.

 As per the programme, the Eksaran Bhagawati Samaj founded by Acharya Ilaram Das will hold its 43rd edition of Pradeshik Mahapalam and annual conference at Batabari, 6 km west to the Udalguri town from February 10 with a four-day religious agenda where Chief Minister Sarbanda Sonowal is scheduled to take part as chief guest in the open religious discourse on February 12 along with Debanda Deva Goswami, Xatradhikar of Batadrava Than and Hagrama Mohilary, BTC chief, as distinguished guests. The reception committee of the conference said that four days of the Mahapaalm and the conference would feature various religious and cultural activities.

On the other hand, the Mahapurushiya Samaj of Assam will hold its 6th annual conference here at lkhamara Puwaram Rabha Bhakat Kshetra, 6 km south of Udalguri town, with a three-day religious and cultural agenda. The reception committee of the conference said that the conference would feature mass plantation programme, am-kirtan, cleanliness drive,  Bhagawat Paath, exhibition, health camp, meeting of district presidents and secretaries, semir on life and ideology of Srimanta Sankardeva, releasing of souvenir, procession with Bhagawat,  felicitation of distinguished persons and open session on February 12 where Chief Minister Sarbanda Sonowal is expected to attend as chief guest with Dr. Mallika Kandali, distinguished scholar of Xattriya dance, as appointed speaker.