Varsity department makes presentation on environmental issues


SHILLONG, Feb 17:  With the objective to give the students an outlook at the different tactics for Environmental Magement in New Zealand and drawing parallels between North East India and the island tion in Southwestern Pacific Ocean and other related topics, the Department of Environment and Traditiol Ecosystems, Martin Luther Christian University today hosted a presentation made by Dr. Debashish Dutta, Senior Academic Staff and Programme Coorditor from the School of Applied Sciences, Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology, Tauranga, New Zealand.  Dr. Dutta made a presentation on the topic, “Environmental Magement and Unique Ecosystems of New Zealand” in the University campus and it was attended by the Post-Graduate and Under-graduate students of the Department of Environment and Traditiol Ecosystems and Department of Travel and Tourism Magement of the University. Dr. Dutta spoke at length about the tive species of New Zealand with special reference to the supercontinent of the Paleozoic era, Gondowaland. Both India and New Zealand were a part of this supercontinent and hence there are a few similarities with regards to the ecosystems between the two countries. He also spoke about the current level of threats being faced by the bird, mammalian and reptilian species of New Zealand. He drew a parallel between the biodiversity of plant and animal species of New Zealand and the North-Eastern region of India because of its similar climate. He dwelt at length the current level of conservation and eco-restoration works being undertaken by the Government of New Zealand with community participation.