Vegetable seller turns crorepati for a day: Technical snag adds Rs 4 crore in his account

Source: Google

Whether you name it luck or ill luck, a vegetable vendor in Kanpur’s Etawah had turned crorepati in a day as a whopping sum of Rs 4 crore was deposited into his bank account. However, the money did not remain in his account for long as it was being withdrawn again the next day.

Reportedly, Deepak Singh from Kanpur’s Etawah had opened a savings account with State Bank of India sometimes back. He had also made a deposit of Rs 39,000 in his account that he saved from his daily earnings. But when on updating his passbook on Tuesday, he could discover that a really big amount of Rs 4 crore is deposited in his account.

Singh says, “I had opened a savings account at SBI’s Labedi branch and till date deposited Rs 39,000 from my daily earnings. I couldn’t believe my luck when I got my passbook updated at the bank on Tuesday, as it showed almost Rs 4 crores in my account. On inquiry, I was told that it happened due to a server fault.”

His puzzles were later solved when he could know it from the bank that the amount was deposited due to a server error. He further added, “When I again went to the bank counter and got my account credited to me. He then apprised his seniors about the issue. I was told that it all happened due to some technical snag in the computer server.”

The Branch manager later said that an investigation into the erroneous deposit has been initiated as they are clueless on the faulty deposit of the funds. It has also been found that a fault in the computer server has led to the mistake. The error, however, has been rectified and now the actual balance of the customer is being shown in his account. The customer, Deepak Singh had Rs 39,000 in his bank account. The account was also being put on hold due to the issues but is activated now.

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