Venkaiah misses flight, criticizes Air India

New Delhi, June 28: Union Minister M. Venkaiah idu on Tuesday criticized Air India after missing a flight to Hyderabad though he claimed he reached the airport ahead of the scheduled departure time. idu said he was at the airport at 12.30 p.m. to catch the flight set to depart at 1.15 p.m., only to be told it had been delayed because the pilot had not yet come. After waiting for half hour, the minister returned home. By the time he came back to the airport, the flight had departed. “I had to travel to Hyderabad by Air India AI544… was told (it was) on time.. reached airport by 1230,” idu tweeted.

“Was informed at 1315 that flight was delayed as the pilot had not yet come. Waited up to 1345, boarding didn’t start. Returned home.” idu criticized the air carrier for lack of transparency. “Air India should explain how such things are happening. Transparency and accountability are the need of the hour. Hope Air India understands that we are in the age of competition. Missed an important appointment.” (IANS)