Video Game (smart and creativity grow) Under Rs-999.00

Video Game (smart and creativity grow) Under Rs-999.00
Video Game (smart and creativity grow) Under Rs-999.00

A video game (electronic game) was first invented by the Physicist William Higginbotham in the year 1958.The adults and the children do have a different thought regarding the video games. Children like video games as they are fun challenging, it help to solve problems, work out the best moves for the best character and decide how to use the equipment and supplies in the best possible way. Whereas parents are worried for their children if they are not addicted, Both are right in their own ways, The study found that video games are not risky for children instead its useful. The video games apart from entertainment, they produce a better surgeons, improve the vision, let us to create a new social connections and players can become enthralled with history.
Check out some video games, which can build your brain smarter.
1.Sonilex OGM Video Game Inbuilt 998800 Game Controllers (TV)

Sonilex OGM Video Game can Connect Directly with TV AV mode so enjoy your Combat, Shooting – Sports, Racing Action, Puzzles and much more games., it does not consumes any Extra Power, its moveable, it can be carried in pocket and Can be easily operated by kids

2.Taslar Nintendo Switch Tempered Glass Screen Protectors (Transparent)

, The game is Designed for the Nintendo Switch utilizing laser cutting technology for maximum protection, the game is Made from the Highest Quality Tempered-Glass with 100% Bubble-Free the game is featured with , Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fingerprint, Bubble Free, 99.99% HD Clarity & Touch screen Accuracy with High-sensitivity touch response.

3.Splash Shield – Skin for Sony PS Vita2000

Splash shield is an Official licensed product, with the application of bubble free, Macmerise Gaming Console Skins are premium, thin and easy-to-remove. Skins are made from a patented air release technology material that eliminates air bubbles and wrinkles for easy application.