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Vintage Watches which has seen phases of human existances

Vintage Watches

Thinking of clock always remind us of the meeting we have promise to go or of the task that we have to finish on time. We all know how the modern digital watches looks like , so lets go back in time and check out the watches of that time.

It is one of the most important gift that our ancestors has given us 600 years ago, which is still existing and still developing  with the new technologies’. A clock were first known as Sundials and then was remade as sand watches and was again remade as water clock and went so on and on and on as it was modified with  time, place and technology. The only thing that did not changed was its ability to show time. These machines have travelled from times where they have seen human existence growing in its superiority and capabilities.

Some of the favorite Vintage Watches of everyone which is still existing are the pocket watches, Sand watches and the pendulum watches. This watches still reminds us of our childhood and of the times when things were quite simple for us without any tension of assignment to finish or presentation to give. No matter how many new watches we buy or have with the best technologies’ for our comfort but the memories and the spark that the Vintage watches have are unbeatable.

This types of watches are very less found in this technical world, but it is also not that it is impossible to find them. A shop established in 1966 in Guwahati ,Lakhtok(Swiss Watch Corporation) still sells vintage watches and repairs them but has also developed it self with the modern day life style as it also sells the new technologies’ watches.