Wales Tourism remains grim in spite of Million Pound Funding


Cardiff: Despite a multi-million-pound campaign to boost tourism, Wales is “standing still” in attracting foreign tourists, an expert has said. Renowned travel writer Simon Calder said that it was really concerning that visitor spending dropped by 17 percent at a time when the pound was weak, the BBC reported. A record 39.2 million visitors came to the UK in 2017 but headed mainly to London and Scotland, new figures show.

The numbers of foreign tourists in Wales rose by 0.5 percent but their spendings dropped by 17 percent in the 12 months. Five million pounds was spent on the “Year of Legends” campaign, which aimed to give visitors legendary experiences. “These figures are really concerning for the Wales tourism industry. Scotland, in particular, has done very well while Wales is effectively standing still,” Calder said.

The tourism analysis published by the Welsh Government describes UK-wide increases being driven by visitors from North America and non-European countries. Overall, 20 million headed for London (up 4 percent from 2016) and 3.2 million for Scotland (up 17 percent). In comparison, there were only 1.1 million visitors to Wales (up 0.5 percent). The lack of flights from major countries meant Wales was regarded as “an add-on” to a trip to England rather than a destination in its own right, Calder added. The Wales Tourism Alliance described the figures as “disappointing”. (IANS)