waz Sharif calls for solution to Palestinian issue

Islamabad, Jan 31: Pakistan Prime Minister waz Sharif urged the intertiol community on Tuesday to play its role in a just resolution of the Palestinian issue. Speaking at a joint press conference with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas after their talks in Islamabad, Sharif said ensuring peace in the Middle East cannot be achieved without a just settlement of the Palestine-Israeli dispute. The Palestinian President arrived in Islamabad on a three-day visit late on Monday on his third visit to Pakistan. He is leading a 17-member delegation including five ministers. Abbas and Sharif jointly iugurated the newly-constructed Palestine Embassy Complex in Islamabad. Sharif said the new embassy building in Islamabad would be a symbol of the brotherly relations. The Pakistan government gifted a plot of land in 1992 for the construction of the Palestinian Embassy Complex. Subsequently, in 2013 Pakistan also contributed towards its construction. The two leaders earlier held bilateral talks and exchanged views on regiol issues and the challenge of terrorism. waz Sharif called for implementation of the relevant United tions Security Council resolutions calling for withdrawal of Israeli forces from occupied territory. “Pakistan is firm in its support for the just cause of Palestinian people,” waz Sharif said. The Palestine President thanked Pakistan for its steadfast support for the cause of Palestinian people besides fincial assistance and scholarships for Palestinian students in Pakistani universities. (IANS)