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"Weightlifting is the Gym you need in your life”Disha Patani in an interview with Vogue India

A nice tone arms ,curvy body,great abs, and always sexy actress Disha Patani revealed her exercises in her recent interview in Vogue India magazine, ‘I workout everyday and include cardio in mornings, kick boxing or gymnastics, and weight training in the evenings, my diet includes supplement of  protein-carbs. Disha feels weightlifting doesn’t gained weight it helps to eliminate fat and helps to slim down your body and can change the shape of your body and a key to weight loss. Disha on her recent release of Maxim India and Grazia India cover shoot she looked worthy. Disha always follows strict diet regime and opened about her fitness regime and eating habits, it’s advisable to have small meal before workout consisting of proteins like eggs  and after workout to add again proteins with paneer,chicken,eggs. she added it’s not about the gender but to  work  for your body and become fittest, while working out  for your body it’s also important to keep in your mind a proper foot with a decent footwear to keep supported,protected,and to feel good and it should be of right size. Disha also includes a cheat day in her week depending upon the diet she follows.