Wenger unfazed by growing catcalls for him to step down

London, Feb 10: Despite facing flak from many corners after his team’s latest reversal at the hands of title favourites Chelsea, Arsel head coach Arsene Wenger on Friday said he is unfazed by it all and is focusing on the next game.

Wenger has yet to decide whether to sign a new contract and his 21-year reign could be approaching the end, but the 67-year-old Frenchman is adamant that he won’t let himself be affected by the turmoil.

“I focus on what is important, you know. And what is important is to prepare for the next game and alyse what happened and prepare for the next one,” he was quoted as saying by ESPNFC.

“I am long enough in the job to know that you go from hero to zero in one minute. I am the same person as last Tuesday and I can alyse things the same way,” he added.

Arsel also lost to Watford at home, the first of consecutive losses in a week that left Wenger’s team 12 points behind Chelsea.

“I maged 2,000 games, I alysed 2,000 games deeply after every game so I can take comments with a distance and perspective,” he said.

“I can separate what is emotiol, what is not emotiol, what is objective, what makes sense or not. I am not too much affected by that,” he added. Arsel take on in-form Hull City at home on Saturday. IANS