What a rumor can do to humanity!

Guwahati: The Karbi Anglong lynching in no way is a case which can be forgotten by the people of Assam, or we should say, the people of the world. This particular incident has questioned the society, “Are we still humans? Can we ever believe in humanity again?”

One small rumor actually cost the life of the two youths, Nilotpal Das and Abhijeet Nath. The two of them travelled to Kangthilangso all the way from Guwahati to catch some ornamental fishes and also, to explore the nature’s beauty. But the world had other plans for them.

No one knows if naming Kangthilangso as ‘Abhineel’ will ever help Abhijeet and Nilotpal get justice. But the real question is, will our society ever stop spreading rumors at the cost of one’s life? Are we going to be the next victim of a rumor? Can we still believe in humanity?