Guwahati Today

When directives of DTO do nothing!

By our Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, June 19: Directives are issued from time to time to discipline the unruly city buses plying in Guwahati. Can one term those directives as steps in the right direction? This is a million dollar question.

Various transport authorities in Guwahati keep issuing various directives for city buses to follow so as to make the service they render a boon for the commuters.

Take the whole lot of directives issued by Kamrup (M) in-charge DTO-cum-Regiol Transport Authority Secretary Asiph Ahmed on June 1, 2016 for the city buses of the city to obey. Ahmed was crystal clear when he said that each and every city bus passenger should get a ticket against the amount he/she pays as fare. Over a fortnight has elapsed after the issuance of the directives. Do all city bus conductors issue tickets to passengers in the city? As was the case earlier, city bus passengers do not get any tickets against the fare they pay.

Who is to be blamed for such a situation? The bus conductors do not want to issue tickets to the passengers, nor do the passengers want to collect tickets from the conductors. Sometime some conscious commuters do ask tickets from conductors, but in most of the cases, they end up by engaging themselves in hot altercations with erring conductors.

On the part of the authority, they conduct sudden raids from time to time against city buses not issuing tickets to their passengers. However, they too wash their hands off of the problem just by charging fines from the city bus staff. Thus it is seen that they bother the least if the practice of giving tickets to passengers is followed or not.

The situation is no different on other disciplines which city staff members are supposed to obey.