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Whither Assam Cricket Association?



For quite some time past, the Assam Cricket Association (ACA) has been in the thick of controversy. The portfolio holders of the ACA, it seems, are under the impression that they are all in all and even in the selection of players who would represent the state they show their immaturity and whims and caprice. This despotism of the office-bearers of the ACA is manifested in the list of 43 players picked up to represent Assam in different categories. It is reported in the print media that the selection of these 43 probable players is made on the basis of their performance in the categories of the game say – senior, junior, sub-junior etc. and that the selection of many incompetent players figuring in the list raises many an eyebrow among the sports-loving fraternity of Assam. As alleged in the print media (not without reason) the authority of the ACA made the selection not on the basis of competence but purely showing in a brazen way their nepotism and favoritism. From their acts, it postulates, let Assam suffer defeats in one game after the other in different All India tournaments, the affluent ACA has nothing to do. Let the people of Assam face the ignominy of the impending defeats in the event of the final selection of the incompetent players. From the list of players selected by ACA it transpires that players like Arpan Dutta, Debojit Baruah, Pritam Debnath, Denis Ahmed, Abir Chakrabortty, Akash Chetri Denis Das, Bikaash Chetri, Kon Orang were omitted. Through your esteemed daily, we appeal to the ACA not to be swept away by the acts of nepotism and favoritism but to review the selection preparing a list afresh keeping in view the greater interest of Assam.

Ashok Bordoloi,