Who is the mysterious man who claims to have a link with PMO?

SHILLONG, Jan 31: Arrogance shown by an individual who claimed himself of having a link with the Prime Minister Office (PMO) was witnessed by this reporter and a local scribe at the main entrance of the Meghalaya Main Secretariat on Monday. This is before the man with a blue half jacket and two of his followers (one is a local) were stopped to enter the Secretariat without a registration.
Meghalaya Secretariat had a ‘No Visitor Day’ on Monday and the man with his two followers (one is local) were stopped to enter inside the Secretariat and that too without following the security protocol.  The man was to meet the State PWD Minister Sniawbhalang Dhar. Before the two security plain clothed policemen could ask about his identity, the man identified (later identified as Kiran Kumar and Ramchod Bhai) abused the security personnel to an extent that belittle Meghalaya as a State and the security personnel on duty.
“Apka Meghalaya ek chota state, Gujarat ke tarah hi hai”, he told the security personnel, even as the security man on duty politely replied, “Chota hai leken dil bada hai”.  The Sentinel was accidently at the site when the two civil police personnel tried to know about the restrictions. He said, “My identity card doesn’t need any visitors slip or restrictions.”
The ‘so called’ individual with links with the PMO, ‘as seen’ by The Sentinel checked the identity card as ‘Non Official’. His me was officially registered only after his exit and a meeting with the Minister. The address reads as Rajasthan and the number is listed as 9723994003 or 97239940023. The question is about the link of this man with PMO as claimed. The State Secretariat is under the police headquarters.
The Sentinel reached out to the State Minister Sniawbhlang Dhar on Tuesday. Dhar said they were representatives of some company and with no links to my department. “They never identify about their links with PMO,” the Minister said. He admitted that they came to meet him for issues not related to him or his departments.