Why iPhones are still the best from the rest


Back in the times of 80s, we were not much connected to the people of the other side of the world. All we could do was to send them a letter, which used to reach them after months. Or maybe make a call through the landline phone, which actually used to be a luxurious commodity during those times. But when we look into the current scenario, everything has changed. We are no more detached from the world but are much more connected than before. All the credit goes to the Cell Phone.
Well, a few of us call is the Post PC Era, where mobiles have taken control over our lives. The most used communication tool, cell phones have become a basic necessity of life. The first and foremost role of a cell phone is to help the users communicate with others. No matter wherever you are or whenever you want, the phone will keep you connected with the entire world, be it through calls, text messages, or the internet.
When cell phones were first introduced, it definitely was only meant for communication. But now, when we look into the wide range of cell phones available in the market, everyone has various different features, like long-lasting battery, crystal-clear display, a great front and rear camera, easily connect to the internet, plenty of storage space, and so on. If we now sit down to list all the features of the cell phones, we will definitely run short of time.
Although, cell phone is a necessity, now it has become more of a luxurious commodity with various well-known brands producing cell phones with the latest technology. And one such brand is Apple’s iPhone. An American multinational technology company, Apple Inc. is headquartered in Cupertino, California. The company designs and develops the best cell phones around the world. iPhones are expensive but are worth the money. There has always been an invisible war between the iPhone and the other android cell phones. And no matter how much do they fight, iPhone will always be the best as compared to other cell phones. And here’s why:
1. iPhone Updates
When there is a new software available, all the iPhones can easily get it by downloading the software. While in the case of Android, the latest software is only available in few of the phones. A few of them are not even compatible to the new software or technology.
2. iPhone gets the new apps first
The developers of the applications prefer to launch their new apps in iPhone. Apple takes good care of the App Store and purges the apps which are simply bad or abandoned.
3. iPhones are fast
With Apple’s 29-watt USB-C charger and USB-C to lightning cable, the latest iPhones in the market can be charged to 50 percent in just a matter of 30 minutes. The speed lets you play the most intensive games on your phone with smoother experience.
4. iPhones are easy to use
What sets iPhones above the others is its design. It is simple and very easy to use. When we look into the other Android phones, those are a little tough to use. With iPhone, you just have to pick up your phone, switch it on, and touch the app you want to use or open.
5. iPhone provides best help and support
When there is a problem with your iPhone, you just have to visit and tap into a vast database of useful help articles on Apple’s website. You can always get help via live chat or schedule an appointment at an Apple Store Genius Bar.
6. iPhone has no Bloatware
When you buy an Android phone, you’re blessed with a variety of not-so-important apps that clutter your screen. But it is not the same with iPhone. You buy an iPhone, switch it on, you have a few important apple apps, and the rest depends upon you.

Well, iPhone is simply the best from the rest. The performance has been consistent from the day one. Apple creates consistent designs, with consistent operating principles. Apple is increasing the depth of its encryption, which means it cares for the privacy and the security of its users.
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