Wild elephants wreak havoc at Nagrijuli

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A Correspondent

Tamulpur, July 6: A big herd of wild elephants created terror in various villages of greater Nagrijulu area on Wednesday night under Nagrijuli Development Block in the district of Baksa. Due to continuous encroachment along the Indo-Bhutan border, herd of wild elephants are facing food shortage since the last few years. In search of food, a big herd of wild elephants entered Nagrijuli Tea Estate and took shelter along the bank of the Barnodi river. On Wednesday night the herd of wild elephants entered 6 no. and 8 no.line of Nagrijuli Tea Estate and demolished the houses of Birshi Munda, Apurba Dundi, Amrit Bagh, Albish and Dilkumar.

Another herd of wild elephants entered No 2 Dongargao village and destroyed the houses of Uttam Biswas and Gudum Munda and shop of Santosh Rai and Boistav Rai. The herd of wild elephants also ate all the goods stored inside the houses and shops and damaged the household items. The helpless villagers shouted to chase away the herd but failed. Finally, the herd of wild elephants left the villages at dawn. All the villagers have been spending sleepless nights. People have demanded the government to take necessary action to protect them from the terror of wild elephants.