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Wildlife Smuggling Check: Five Tokay geckos Recovered by Guwahati Police

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GUWAHATI, Aug 5: Tokay gecko has started hitting headlines in the State more frequently than ever before. Five Tokay geckos brought from Dibrugarh to Guwahati to hand them over to a party were caught in Dispur police dragnet on Sunday. Three youths – Bhaskar Gogoi, Dhrubajyoti Handique and Jayanta Gogoi – all hailing from Dibrugarh brought the reptiles from Dibrugarh to hand them over to a party in Guwahati on Sunday. However, Dispur police came to the scene at Khanapara and seized the innocent reptiles, besides nabbing the three youths. The police handed over the five Tokay geckos and the three youths to the State Forest Department.