Win Proves I Stood For What Is Right: Bigg Boss 12 Winner Dipika Kakar

Win Proves I Stood For What Is Right: Bigg Boss 12 Winner Dipika Kakar

Popular TV actor Dipika Kakar, who raised the trophy for Bigg Boss 12, said her win well-tried that she stood for the right and never compete dirty. Social media polls and those conducted by various media houses had foreseen that the Sasural Simar Ka fame actor would emerge as the winner.

In an interview with the media Dipika said that she is thankful to everyone. She had anticipated that Sreesanth, Deepak and she would be there in the top three. Dipika was just praying to win the show, she is very happy that she won the tittle, Dipika, who also won a cash prize of Rs 30 lakh.

“I wished to prove that Bigg Boss 12 isn't concerning being mean or undignified anybody and it's concerning being honest and smart. I'm terribly happy with the manner I conducted myself on the show. I won,” she said. Dipika also said this win well-tried that she stood for the correct and “never compete dirty to prove anyone right or wrong. It absolutely was all concerning being smart and graceful”.

She said she would have been equally happy if Sreesanth, who she considered her brother, had won the show. “I would have been really happy for him. But at the end of the day I was here to win,” she said.

The popular TV actor said there's no formula to survive within the controversial reality show. “There is no any echnique out however you have got to collect yourself and keep entering into the show. One major thought that I continually had in my head was, I'm here for my family,” Dipika said.

She said there was a time when she was being put at every step, but she kept going. “It was difficult. The only strength that kept me going was my family, which was outside and was praying for me,” she said.

Having stayed within the Bigg Boss 12 house for 3 months with 90 cameras, Dipika said her stint on the show has solely made her a confident person. Speaking about her bond with Sreesanth, she said, “This was a relationship that got stronger and deeper with time. ‘Bhai’ has been aggressive however I never saw him wrong. Had he been wrong, people, together with the housemates, wouldn't have loved him.” “There was an honest facet to him. His aggression did fire back on him, however that doesn’t mean he is a wrong person inside. We both were there for every alternative, providing strength,” she added.

Dipika said she missed her family and would now spend time with them. Before coming into the Bigg Boss house, the actor had vowed that if she wins, she would pay a visit to Ajmer Sharif dargah.

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