Witch-hunting compels family to leave native village, awaits justice

witch hunting
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LAKHIMPUR, July 7: In this age of science and technology, some unfortunate persons of the State, including minors, have to live in misery after becoming victims of superstition or jealousy of a section of people with vested interest.
Such is the plight of a poor family in Dhakuakhona subdivision in Lakhimpur district. The family has been leading a vagrant’s life for nine years after being victim of superstition. The family is headed by Ukhuri Mili who once lived in Amlakhi Dangdhara village under Dhakuakhona Police Station.

Ukhuri Mili was living happily in her native village along with her son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren till 2009. Bad luck descended on the family when some villagers one day charged her of practicing witchcraft. The gaon burah of the village and a section of villagers allegedly held trial against her and decided to extradite the family from the village. After a few days, at night a section of people physically tortured the members of the family.
However, the Dhakuakhona Police rescued the family from the clutches of a violent mob. But the cruel incident forced Majon Mili, the son of Ukhuri Mili, to leave the village for good and the whole family was compelled to take shelter at Milan Nagar of Dhakuakhona town for their safety.

Starting a new journey towards an uncertain future as a wage earner, Majon Mili later filed a case at Dhakuakhona subdivisional Magistrate Court vide No. 128/10/us 147/148/149/325/326/302IPC against a few villagers regarding the issue. The court released the seven accused persons due to lack of proper evidences in 2012.

The family could not go back home fearing the wrath of the native villagers. The gaon burah did not let Ukhuri Mili and Majan Mili get their ration cards and voter cards which are allegedly still in his custody. Though the family has permanent land and a lot of property in the village along with residential house, they are of no use now to the family. The family is living in misery and fear.

“Unless the sub-divisional administration and police pay due attention to the plight of the family, another witch hunting incident is inevitable in the subdivision,” said some conscious people seeking justice for the poor family.