Wobbly bamboo bridges prove unsafe for people of Borsala area

From a Correspondent

Tezpur, Feb 1: At a time when both the State and the Central governments are projecting policy after policy for developing every section of the society, irrespective of caste and community, wobbly bamboo bridges are threatening the lives of people of Borsola area in Sonitpur district.

The local people set up the bamboo bridges in the affected areas with their own effort to build communication links. But people, especially the students of different educatiol institutions, are facing problems while crossing the bridges. The bamboo bridges constructed over the rivers Fotasimul and Panchnoi have become unsafe for the thousands of people who use the bridges every day.  In the time of medical emergency, it is hard for an ambulance to pass in order to provide interim relief to the patients.

Due to poor communication link, this constituency has lagged behind other areas in terms of development. Besides, last year’s flood has worsened the situation manifold.  At present, people of Signori, Sitolmari, Bhonga Mondir, Balijan, tun Sirajuli, Bagibari and other villages have to use the bridges which are in a very dilapidated condition and there is every chance of accident at any point of time. The people of Borsala area have urged the new government to take immediate measures to replace the bridges with concrete bridges.