Woman crushed to death in West Siang


Itagar, June 2: A 50-year-old woman succumbed to her injurious after fatally knocked down by a BRTF truck at Rego village under Mechukha sub-division in West Siang district on Tuesday.   

The deceased identified as Yapung Komi, a GREF labour, was reportedly loading some materials on the truck when the truck knocked her down causing serious injuries on her body.

She was then rushed to Mechukha, around 17 kilometers from the place of occurrence, for treatment, but succumbed to her injuries at the Army Hospital.

Meanwhile, the deceased son, in an FIR lodged at Mechukha Police Station against the driver one Pramud Kumar of 1443-BCC-GREF, held him responsible for death of his mother. He demanded the police and general administration to immediately arrest the driver for reckless driving and killing an innocent live and award him exemplary punishment.

The sources from Mechukha informed the dead body has been kept at Army Hospital and no one even the family member is allowed to see it creating public uproar.  

Informing about the incident over phone from Mechukha, Takar Komi, president of All Mechukha Sub-Division Youth Welfare Association (AMSDYWA) claimed that instead of immediately taken her to hospital for treatment the deceased was kept at GREF camp for one hour without any reason.

“The deceased could have been saved had the BRTF authorities acted responsibly and take her immediate to hospital for medical attention,” said Komi, adding, the mishap occurred due to sheer negligence of the driver. The Association strongly demanded the concerned authorities to immediately arrest the driver and compensate the deceased family.

Further, while informing that the Indian Army had prohibited the deceased’s family to see the dead body, which is kept inside the Army Hospital, the Association lamented that such attitude of the Indian Army and BRTF personnel created a public sentiment and anger in the town.

Expressing shock over the accident, the Boh Ramo Bokar (Adi) Elite Society has strongly demanded for immediate arrest of the driver and award exemplary punishment to him for reckless driving and killing an innocent live.

Claiming that the deceased was taken to Mechukha, around 17 kilometers from the place of occurrence, without informing the relatives and letting her die due to lack of immediate medical attention, the society demanded for immediate arrangement of compensation to the deceased family.

Further, the society strongly condemned the alleged intervention of Indian Army to protect the driver and prohibiting the deceased family to see the dead body, the society urged upon the Indian Army authorities and BRTF not to interfere into the matter as it was police case and let the police take their own course of action.

The society threatened to launch rigorous democratic movement against the Indian Army and GREF if the culprit is not arrested and put behind the bar within 24 hours.

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