Woman teaches husband a lesson for marrying again

From a Correspondent

JORHAT, June 22: In a show of exemplary courage, a woman taught her spouse a bitter lesson for practicing bigamy by not only forcibly bringing him away from his other wife but also parading him through the Jorhat town on Tuesday night without seeking police intervention. The incident has left the public baffled while many have welcomed the bold initiative.

It all started when the woman (me withheld) was informed by a relative over phone that her husband, identified as Gopal Bordoloi, by profession a legal petition writer and a resident of -Ali, Dhekiajuli under Jalukoni outpost of Titabor, married another woman from the Mahimabari area of Titabor. The first wife immediately left for Gopal Bordoloi’s wedding venue and caught hold of Gopal. After a brief altercation with the invited family members and some invited guests, the victim brought the alleged groom in an auto and took him to the Jorhat Police station but here the police allegedly refused to lodge an FIR on the ground of first furnishing a marriage certificate. The couple engaged in a fist fight which was captured in a jourlist’s video camera.

The victim informed the media, “I have been married to Gopal Bordoloi for the last six years and we have a daughter too. Owing to his work near the Jorhat Bar Association office, we have taken a rented house in the Royal Road area of Jorhat town. He was not at home for the last two days and came home yesterday with some ration and was looking very tired which I thought was mainly because of his work. By evening he left for his ancestral home and it was around 6 pm when I got the information of his second marriage. He had already married the day before.”

Responding to the allegation of the victim, Gopal Bordoloi said, “This is a lie. I have never married this woman and don’t even know where she stays. Now she is forcibly taking me along with her and soon after I inform the owner of the house about the allegation, I will return home.”

However, by the time the couple was walking down the street an unexpected number of young men and women assembled behind them and accompanied the couple.  While the victim was paying the rickshaw fare, accused Gopal Bordoloi, who had kept his face covered with a towel all the time, simply opened the gates and despite no electricity, went upstairs and opened the room.