Zebra Technologies launches thermal desktop printers

New Delhi, May 9: Zebra Technologies, a global leader in providing solutions and services to enterprises, on Wednesday launched next-generation thermal desktop printers that are enabled by “Print DNA” — a software suite of applications, utilities and developer tools.
Zebra’s new ZD420 and ZD620 thermal transfer desktop printers and Print DNA software suite together help companies sense and analyse the status and performance of their printer fleet in real time.
ZD420 printer is available at a starting price of $578 and ZD620 from $773. Both the printers are available in India  The company also marked 35th anniversary of its first barcode printer known as the “Zebra Printer”.
“With the introduction of its first barcode printer in 1982, Zebra opened the door for identification and visibility of physical assets across the enterprise,” Chelsia Ng, Specialty Printing Group Product Management Lead at Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific, said in a statement.
“With new offerings, Zebra continues to innovate to help businesses increase operational visibility and productivity,” Chelsia added.
Both ZD420 and ZD620 “smart” thermal printers provide best-in-class print speeds while maintaining premium print quality for fast-paced retail, healthcare and manufacturing environments.
The printers also offer an intuitive user interface with LED status icons so users can save time and easily see what is needed to keep printers running.
ZD620 printer is available with an optional keypad user interface for easy configuration and a colour LCD display. IANS