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Zubeen asks the people of Assam to unite and protest against rape on Social Networks

Assam’s heart throb singer Zubeen Garg has finally raised his voice against the Increase in the number of rape incidents throughout Assam. Zubeen while performing at a Bihu function on 16th April 2018 in Bongaigaon put stress on the rising incidents of rape and molestation of women and children across Assam.

Zubeen added that criminals who commit such crimes should be punished to the most severe extent. Zubeen also went ahead to say that the safety and security of our women and children is not only the responsibility of the administration and police, but is also the responsibility of each and every citizen of Assam. He said “We the people of Assam should stay united and raise our voices against rising incidents of rapes in the state. We should make the best use of social media through which we can get our voices heard among the mass.”

Zubeen further went on to state “All the perpetrators of rape should be punished to severe extent. If things were in my hands then I would have sentenced all of them to death.”