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Zubeen Garg helps road accident victims on his way back from Goalpara

Zubeen Garg


Guwahati: Zubeen Garg proves it once again that humanity is his first duty when it comes to rescuing the despaired and helpless. A recent incident of the singer has proved it time and again that he cannot stand the sight of accidents. This real incident of Zubeen Garg shows how a compassionate Zubeen Garg takes over the controversial one.

The passionate singer, on his way back from a cultural programme at Rongjuli in Goalpara, witnessed some injured people lying on the roadside. The vehicle the passengers were traveling by met with an accident which moved the singer to immediately stop his car and rush for the rescue of the needy. The very sight of the wounded passengers with their bodies lying in pools of blood compelled the singer to hold the victims and carry them to the ambulance.

The entire incident of the accident and helping the wounded passengers by Zubeen is narrated by his better-half Garima Saikia Garg who was also present at the same site. As narrated from her point of view, she could see the panic, terror and the fear of losing someone to another road accident that had happened to him several years ago. Notably, it was in one such heartrending road accident that had taken place with him and his team that he lost his most loved sister Jonkey and a very close friend.

In Garima’s words, “In such moments, I can still see a kind of inexplicable emotion, helplessness, an inquisitiveness…. As if there is a certain stillness in his promptness!! A kind of restlessness surrounds him!!”

She further narrates the situation at the accident site by adding the grateful gestures of the accident victims towards Zubeen who could not express it in words as to how relieved and pleased they are to be helped by Zubeen. One of them even touches Zubeen’s hands with his blood dipped hand as a gesture of gratitude and assurance. Garima felt as if the wounded wanted to assure a restless and panicking Zubeen that “We will be alright. Please relax!”


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