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Adi Baane Kebang (ABK) adopts ‘Kongge’ for married females

Adi Baane Kebang

Our Correspondent

Itanagar: During its three-day annual conference held at Roing in Lower Dibang Valley district recently, Adi Baane Kebang (ABK) – the supreme council of Adi community – has announced adoption of traditional costumes “Kongge” and “Ko:si/Lakkap” for married females and males respectively as well as revival of Ku:yet (age-old Adi shawl) as a symbol of high value and honour.

This was a long pending issue which was approved many years before but could be materialised in 2020 by the untiring efforts of ABK women wing headed by Olen Megu Damin (president) and Opak Takuk Ering (general secretary), sources informed here on Wednesday.

The ABK conference also adopted several resolutions, among others, on adoption of schools by ABK, introducing dress code for class IX-XII students, etc. The conference also called for “immediate conduct of Bogum Bokang Kébang for oneness of Adis in all respects”.

ABK president Getom Borang while thanking all the delegates and representatives of various districts emphasised on the fact that ABK being one amongst the largest CBOs of the state is dedicated to work for the social upliftment of Adis while maintaining a cordial relationship of peace and harmony amongst all other tribes of the state, the sources added.

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