Arunachal: Jang Police Rescues 10 Tourists Stranded at Sela Pass

Jang Police issues crucial advice for travelers facing extreme weather conditions.
Arunachal: Jang Police Rescues 10 Tourists Stranded at Sela Pass

ITANAGAR: In a recent incident on January 17, Jang Police Station responded to a distress call from a group of 10 stranded tourists near Sela Pass, caught in the grip of heavy snowfall. The stranded group, comprising 3 women, had embarked on their journey from outside the state in two vehicles—a Maruti Swift Dzire and a Kia Sonet. Their salvation came in the form of a skilled rescue team led by S.I. Pema Wangchu from Jang Police Station.

The adept police drivers, drawing on their experience, successfully navigated the challenging snowy terrain, ensuring the safe rescue of the tourists and their vehicles. This incident, however, serves as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by the unpredictable weather conditions in the region.

In response to the recent heavy snowfall, Jang Police Station issues a crucial advisory for all travelers and tourists. The primary recommendation is to avoid traversing through Sela Pass unless absolutely necessary. The treacherous conditions demand careful consideration, and those who must travel are urged to take necessary precautions.

Specifically, travelers are advised to use chains instead of ropes for their vehicles, as ropes are deemed unreliable in such harsh conditions. This small yet vital adjustment can make a significant difference in ensuring the safety of both individuals and their vehicles during transit.

Moreover, the advisory discourages travel after 2 pm, emphasizing the rapid onset of darkness and plummeting temperatures. The combination of reduced visibility and freezing conditions can pose substantial risks, making afternoon travel inadvisable. Planning journeys earlier in the day is encouraged to mitigate these potential hazards.

As communities and authorities work diligently to respond to emergency situations like the one near Sela Pass, it is crucial for travelers to heed these warnings. The recent rescue operation highlights the importance of preparedness and adherence to safety guidelines when navigating through regions prone to extreme weather conditions. The cautionary advice provided by Jang Police Station serves as a timely reminder for all travelers to prioritize safety and exercise prudence in their journeys.

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