Arunachal Pradesh: Athletes Shine with 10 Medals at National Pencak Silat Championship

Arunachal Pradesh Pencak Silat stars clinch 3 gold, 3 silver, and 4 bronze at the 11th National Championship.
Arunachal Pradesh: Athletes Shine with 10 Medals at National Pencak Silat Championship

ITANAGAR: In a display of exceptional skill and determination, athletes from Arunachal Pradesh left an indelible mark at the 11th Sub Juniors and Juniors All Indian National Pencak Silat Championship held in Patna, Bihar from November 23 to 26. Competing under the banner of the Arunachal Pradesh Pencak Silat Association (APPSA), these rising stars secured an impressive total of 10 medals, comprising 3 gold, 3 silver, and 4 bronze.

The gold medalists, Goter Karlo, Masa Kamchi, and Sangjo Lingfa, exhibited stellar performances, showcasing the depth of athletic talent within the state. Sartam Tara, Lucky Tungi, and Tero Singhi contributed to Arunachal's success by earning well-deserved silver medals. The bronze medals were claimed by Meta Pao, Yago Tajo, Kipa Kamta, and Meko Liyak, further solidifying the state's dominance in the competition.

The pivotal role played by APPSA in fostering talent and providing unwavering support and guidance to these athletes cannot be understated. The association's commitment to nurturing the potential of these young talents has undoubtedly been a key factor in their remarkable success at the national level.

Expressing gratitude to the championship organizers, the Arunachal contingent and APPSA highlighted the importance of such platforms in allowing athletes to showcase their skills. In a statement, the association acknowledged the organizers' commitment to promoting sports and fostering healthy competition, emphasizing the significant contribution of such initiatives to the overall development of sports in the region.

Pencak Silat, a distinctive sport within the realm of Indonesian martial arts, encompasses various categories such as Tanding (Fight), Tungal (Single), Regu (Group), Ganda (Demi Fight), and Solo events. Beyond national competitions, its competitive nature extends to prestigious events like the Asian Games, Asian Martial Arts Games, Youth Games, Asian Beach Games, Indian University Games, and national games.

The success of Arunachal Pradesh athletes in the national Pencak Silat Championship not only highlights their individual achievements but also underscores the state's commitment to nurturing and promoting excellence in sports. As these young talents continue to shine, the future looks promising for Arunachal Pradesh on the national and international sporting stage.


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