Arunachal Pradesh: 'Operation Dawn' Launched to Combat State's Drug Epidemic

A comprehensive police initiative in Arunachal Pradesh seeks to address the drug crisis through enforcement, mentorship, and youth engagement.
Arunachal Pradesh: 'Operation Dawn' Launched to Combat State's Drug Epidemic

ITANAGAR: Arunachal Pradesh police are gearing up to launch "Operation Dawn," a multifaceted effort aimed at tackling the escalating drug problem within the state. This bold and ambitious initiative marks a pivotal step in addressing the drug epidemic, with a focus on not only enforcing the law but also mentoring and guiding the youth toward a drug-free future.

"Operation Dawn" will encompass a wide spectrum of strategies to reduce both the demand for and supply of drugs. Stringent law enforcement measures will be combined with proactive engagement efforts, such as awareness campaigns and interactive sessions to inspire and guide the state's youth.

In a concerted effort to ensure the success of this operation, the police will collaborate with relevant agencies to assess and implement harm reduction measures. Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu has been a vocal advocate against drug abuse for the past two years, demonstrating the government's unwavering commitment to eradicating the drug menace from the state. This comprehensive approach underscores the state's determination to address this critical issue, recognizing the importance of not only enforcement but also mentorship and education to protect the well-being of the youth and the broader community. 

Arunachal Pradesh governor Lt Gen K T Parnaik has said that the joining of women in the armed forces reflects the changing scenario of the country. Reviewing the attestation parade of the Assam Rifles Mahila recruits at the Assam Rifles Training Centre and School (ARTC&S), Sukhovi, in Nagaland on Wednesday, he said women recruits' attestation parade is the best example of women's empowerment. "These women personnel will secure a good livelihood for themselves and for their families and also inspire the girls in the future to stand on their own feet and contribute to the progress of the nation," Parnaik said. The governor took the salute of the marching contingents commanded by recruit Maina Saikia.

The governor appreciated the women recruits in the parade, officers, and instructors of the centre, which aims to make capable, disciplined, and physically and mentally fit soldiers. 

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