Arunachal Pradesh: Tense Confrontation in Kharsang as Youth and Assam Rifles Personnel Exchange Fire

Tense clash in Kharsang leaves youth and Assam Rifles personnel injured. Authorities intervene to restore order in the remote Changlang district.
Arunachal Pradesh: Tense Confrontation in Kharsang as Youth and Assam Rifles Personnel Exchange Fire

ITANAGAR: In the quiet enclave of Kharsang in Changlang district, an evening of routine fishing and hunting turned into a tumultuous event, leaving a village youth, Lemmong Longri, and an Assam Rifles personnel, Rifleman Vikas, injured in an exchange of gunfire on Friday at approximately 6:30 pm. The unfolding incident took place when Lemmong Longri, along with fellow villagers Reylom Longri and Khamwang Hakhi, ventured out for their customary activities and unexpectedly encountered an Assam Rifles patrol.

Lameng Lungri, one of the village youths, sustained bullet injuries to his leg during the encounter. The sudden eruption of violence prompted local residents to surround the Assam Rifles personnel, leading to a tense standoff with heated exchanges of words. The situation escalated until senior officials from the civil and police administration intervened, managing to bring the volatile scenario under control.

In the aftermath of the confrontation, Lemmong Longri, the injured youth, was swiftly referred to Margherita in Assam’s Tinsukia district for advanced medical treatment. Simultaneously, Rifleman Vikas, the injured Assam Rifles personnel, was transferred to the Dinjan army hospital for further medical attention. The swift response in providing medical care underscored the gravity of the injuries sustained by both parties involved.

As the incident unfolded, an ongoing investigation was initiated to shed light on the circumstances leading to the exchange of fire. Despite the absence of official reports from the investigation officer at this stage, a senior police officer confirmed that the inquiry is actively underway, aiming to ascertain the sequence of events and any contributing factors.

The clash between the village youths and the Assam Rifles personnel highlights the delicate balance in regions where civilian activities intersect with military patrols. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges in maintaining harmony in such areas, necessitating thorough investigations and community engagement to prevent future flare-ups. The resilience of local authorities in swiftly addressing the situation reflects the commitment to restoring peace and order in Kharsang, emphasizing the importance of constructive dialogue in resolving tensions between civilian populations and security forces.


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